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women's wellness program





You are a woman. You naturally care, and you do it well.

You take good care of your dear ones, of your home. You take good care of your work. You contribute to your community. You might even manage to fit a yoga class here and an hour at the gym there, because you want to take good care of your body, too.

While you are busy taking good care about everybody and everything around you…

Who is taking care of your WOMAN?


O P E N  S P A C E is a boutique wellness experience for women designed to reconnect you with and recentre you in the power, wisdom, beauty and pleasure of your feminine self, and to spark your innate creativity to flow effortlessly there where you direct it.

It is a one of a kind, deliciously rich, multilayered journey into the depths and abundance of your woman and your soul. A journey as unique as you are.

Packed with 4 immersive sessions all in one day, the program is fully experiential, feminine and holistic in its approach.


Our beautiful light filled studio is set on the foothills of Mt. Alexander, on one of Victoria’s most picturesque properties with stunning views across the Sutton Grange valley, only a few kilometres from lovely Castlemaine. An easy drive from the major urban centres, it is only an 80 minutes drive north of Melbourne CBD, 40 minutes from Bendigo and Daylesford, and 65 minutes from Melbourne’s international airport.

women's wellness and empowerment
women's wellness and empowerment
women's wellness and empowerment
women's wellness and empowerment
women's wellness and empowerment

book a special day for your special group of women in 2017!

We are accepting expressions of interest for private and business groups bookings for 2017.

If you have a group of at least 5 women interested in participating in the OPEN SPACE program, please email me at to discuss your needs and arrange a date that would suit your group.

We are able to organize dates on both weekdays and weekends. 

To see if OPEN SPACE is the right choice for you, please read on. You will be able to:

  • Discover the great benefits that your organisation, business or private group of women will enjoy as a result of participating in the OPEN SPACE program
  • Walk hand in hand with me through our day together at OPEN SPACE
  • See what other women have to say about their OPEN SPACE experience
  • Get to know all the logistical details of the OPEN SPACE program, such as time schedule, catering, what to wear and more

private groups


Do you have a special occasion to celebrate with the meaningful women in your life?

How about deepening the friendship and connection with the women close to you for your new chapter in life after you have said your big ‘yes’?

Or celebrating your mother, sister, daughter for her special occasion or simply to say “I love and appreciate you’ by gathering the women of your family for an unforgettable day where all of you will have the opportunity to get to know and appreciate the real woman in each one of you and bring your relationships on a level of understanding and connection you might not have thought possible?

O P E N  S P A C E program is a unique, wonderful way to spend an enriching, meaningful, fun, feminine day engaged in self expression and deep connection joyously celebrating the unique beauty, wisdom and contribution of every woman in the group.

business groups


Would you like to bring the connection, collaboration and joyful, positive spirit between women at your organisation or company at a whole new level, while at the same time boosting their innate creativity and empowering them to become confident female leaders?

Would you like to reward the hard work of your female team with a unique, hands on wellness experience that will deepen and boost their connection to themselves, their wisdom, value and creativity while at the same time creating a true connection between them?

O P E N  S P A C E offers an amazing opportunity to achieve this and more, in a way that feels completely natural to the feminine psychology and therefore brings true results.

what makes open space a unique experience

One of the precious unique traits of the program lies in its multilayered structure, which mirrors the multifaceted nature of the feminine universe and that of the natural life rhythms.

During our 4 sessions, you complete a whole cycle through the seasons of your natural feminine flow, as you are also travelling up and opening your creative energy centres – while simultaneously diving deeper and deeper from the sensuality of your body into the heart of hearts of your soul.

Another deeply valuable unique trait of the program is the invitation to engage in a variety of creative mediums all within one program, in one day. It is an exquisitely feminine experience of self-discovery and creative expression, into your woman and beyond.

Last but not least, its uniqueness is revealed in its name, Open Space.

Now, let’s be honest here. You don’t really need more information, more steps, more how-to’s, more advice – more external data trying to define who you need to be and how you need to live your life.

What you need more of is – YOU.

The activities we engage in during our sessions, are each an open door, an invitation to you, where a space opens up and allows for your true treasures, which lie WITHIN, to emerge and be revealed to you and to the world. For it is within, I firmly believe, where our true joy lives, where our true gifts and contribution to the world lie, where all the wisdom, steps and how-to’s that pertain to our unique life’s journey are, eternally waiting for us.

and now, allow me to take you on the journey into your woman, and beyond . . .

You step out of your car, and you find yourself embraced by the green gardens and the blue skies. For a moment, you lose yourself in the distance of the magnificent views, as you are greeted by a deep breath of the freshest air.

You walk beneath a rose arch, then turn left and find yourself in front of the OPEN SPACE’s studio. 

You walk through the door . . . and your magic begins.

As we move from one session to the next, you deepen your connection to, and become freer and freer in expressing the woman that is you.

When we, as women, are deeply rooted into our feminine core, our life unfolds harmoniously, our cup stays full and we are able to experience deep pleasure in all aspects of life. We live from our true power which is loving, wise, gentle, yet strong, fluid, intuitive, playful and creative. We move through our days in ways that feel effortless and graceful. We feel fulfilled on a very deep level. This fulfillment comes from within, because we are being true to ourselves.

Every detail of the OPEN SPACE program has been carefully and lovingly thought through to maximally support and enhance your wellbeing as a woman at all levels, as you immerse yourself, from session to session, more and more deeply into the wonderful experience of YOU.

Your senses are soothed by the calming environment of the space and the distant horizons opening up through the windows, as the beautifully styled details inspire positive emotions to well up in your heart. Purposefully chosen music supports your immersions and floods your being with pleasure and good mood. My gentle guidance through the activities delicately encourages your opening to and connection to your body, your sensuality and your femininity. The natural, lovingly prepared homemade food, as well as a bountiful selection of organic teas available to you throughout the day, additionally nourishes your body and soul.

The unfolding of the day and of the 4 sessions within, flows harmoniously like a beautiful melody.

The sessions themselves reflect the natural and powerful rhythm of your breath – the very core rhythm of life’s force itself.

Within each session, you ‘breathe in’ – you take in and dive deep into the experience of you, by engaging in gentle and absolutely delicious activities including breathing, moving and face self-massage. I have designed them specifically for their power to connect you with your body, your sensuality, and your femininity, in a way that feels completely natural to you as a woman. There is never any feeling of ‘effort’ or ‘work’ on your part. Just a natural opening of your feminine, receiving mode occurs, resulting in a spontaneous awakening and connection to your body, your sensuality, your feelings and your intuition, and your innate creativity.

Your unique voice joyously awakens eager to be expressed. Naturally.

At the same time, the ‘breathe in’ part of each session, is designed so that during the very engagement in any of the gentle activities we go through, you are bathed in nourishing, life-giving feelings of both deep relaxation and pleasure, from the inside out, throughout your body, mind, heart and soul.

“I was thankful to my body, to what my body did for me in all these years.”

”[Felt] vulnerable, sensual, sensitive, delicate, immersed, freshness, seductive, personal, enveloped, appraisal, quietness with self and very emotional.”

“I felt like all smiling on the inside.”

There is a subtle moment of magical alchemy that occurs during breathing. It is the moment immediately after we fill our body with a fresh breath. It is the moment when the life carried on the wings of air that we just breathed in, becomes one with us. Our being is renewed and expanded, as a result of the new, fresh bite of air we’d taken in.

In the same way, this alchemical moment occurs during our sessions, when you become transformed and more, by the delightful experience you’d just taken in.

And now, the second part of the session spontaneously follows, guided by the natural rhythm of all life: you ‘breathe out’. Your innate creativity naturally and effortlessly flows, as you freely express your just integrated experience.

Throughout the day and within each session, you have the opportunity to express your creativity in a variety of ways: through colour, clay, movement and word. This gives you an additional opportunity to explore your self and what inspires you – and to celebrate your unique expression and the one of the other women in the group.

We are not focused on any ‘results’ of your creative expression, but on the process itself. We stay in the moment. We keep connected to our feelings and let them lead the way. Again, there is no ‘effort’ or ‘work’ on your part.

You are simply open and receptive, and so your creations inspired by the experience you breathed in, freely flow and shape themselves into different forms through different media. The art  is a true and unrestricted expression of you in that moment, and therefore, it ‘results’ in a unique, original work vibrant with the living power of your true self in that moment.

You may discover for the first time, or rediscover, that you are, indeed, creative (we all are!), and you will have the pleasure of witnessing your unique voice reflected back to you in your creative expression. You will also rediscover, that accessing your unique voice is natural, and therefore can be an effortless and deeply joyful process whenever you want or need to express your creativity, be it in your work or everyday life, in whatever shape or form, or ‘just’ for the great, life-giving fun of it.

“I could feel my heart in my hands, the emotion.”

“The pressure and the way I was pressing it [clay] was like a dance, to the music, even though we didn’t’ have music, it was my music I guess.”

“I felt very sensual, very exotic, very female, very goddess like, it was like a wave motion

[while doing clay], I felt like one being, it was a bridging of separation, I went into that really light space, it was like this whole oneness.”

We complete each session with journaling time where you get the opportunity to integrate the benefits of each session. After journaling, each woman gets the opportunity to share with the group about her own experiences during the session.

Even though every part of the OPEN SPACE program is highly beneficial on so many levels of our being and of our woman, it is in this time of sharing when we reach a new, immensely precious dimension that is deeply expansive and enriching for all the participants.

The safe, nurturing environment and the energy of celebration, connection and sincere care and support that is formed during our time together, create a sacred space where true and open sharing between women naturally occurs. This is the moment when deep wisdom, beauty and unique perspectives of each woman shine brightly, enhanced by the feeling of being truly seen and understood by the other women in the room.

This feeling of true connection and complete acceptance are amongst the benefits that women participating in this program most appreciate, as it empowers them to express their woman openly, freely and with pleasure.

“I felt like a queen. I was myself. I was free.”

“I felt accepted.”

 “I felt freedom, being myself, being feminine, being proud of being feminine.”

 “I appreciate the precious gift of being a woman more.”

“I was not concerned about owning the space, my movement, anymore.”

love for open space

I felt like a queen. I was myself. I was free.

I felt peace, relaxation, delight.

I recommend OPEN SPACE immersions 200%. It helps us women loving ourselves, talking about our feelings, having this feeling of being understood, being creative, feminine.

Keep doing this Stella!

Renata J., Architect, Melbourne

I feel more alive, I appreciate the amazing gift of being a woman more. I feel a real connection to the other women in the group. I liked the relaxation and creative channeling. I loved feeling the freedom to express myself without being judged. We all need to get off the tread-mill of life and do something to re-kindle our passions.

Heidi M., Education Support, Bendigo

I feel more relaxation, less anxiety about general things like owning a space, moving in my own way. A great calm to be in a room with other women because we are all going on a journey and I could really feel the openness of the environment.

I loved the ability to express oneself through different mediums and being free to let what happens happen. No pressure of what to expect in ‘results’. The acknowledgement of our bodies and spaces and minds, having a calm voice remind us to check in with ourselves and experience the moment.

I recommend OPEN SPACE because women don’t often have time to remember to let out our desires/fears and passions. We are caring, giving beings that need a push to reflect in a positive environment and this was a great way to do that.

Carmen G., Fundraiser for the Wilderness Society, Melbourne

I loved the surprise and being able to put words to these experiences. And a preparedness to continue to create. The flexibility with the time and activities gave me a great sense of freedom. Not knowing what to expect allowed my self expression to be more enlightening.

It is an opportunity  to be generous to your soul and give yourself an artist’s date.

Nola B., Pain Management Therapist, Castlemaine

unfolding of the day

Upon arrival, you are welcomed into our beautiful space with a lovely morning tea, to help you start the day with freshness and warmth, as well as have time to get to meet with the other women.

Tea and bottled water are offered for your refreshment throughout the day.

The first two sessions follow and then we have a one hour lunch break. Your body is nourished by a natural, vegetarian, lovingly prepared homemade meal and more delightful tea from our bountiful choice of organic black, green and herbal teas.

Our lunch break is an invaluable time together where, after sharing our experiences throughout the morning, we enjoy a beautiful openness and connection among the participants, where a joyful, sparkling atmosphere of celebration abounds.

Within such an ambience, lunch time becomes a time of sharing, connecting, and exchanging from heart and soul level. It is a deeply nourishing and hugely beautiful part of the OPEN SPACE program.

After lunch, we immerse ourselves in the following two sessions.

During the first three sessions of the program, we engage our creative and expressive centres; starting with our ‘earth’/body creative centre of our womb area, up through our heart centre and ending up with our ‘heaven’/soul creative centre of our intuition in the head/third eye area.

The fourth and last session wraps up and grounds the whole day with a journey into your Queendom. You travel into the heart of your soul, where your true desires reside. You gain clarity on what truly matters to you in this moment of your life, from your soul level. You then create a practical tool that you can easily keep with you wherever you are and use it as a compass throughout your days, to help you with making choices and decisions that are aligned with your true heart and purpose.

At the end of our day, I offer you a special surprise that I have lovingly prepared for you, to celebrate you, our day together and our womanhood; and as a symbol of my deep appreciation for all that you are and for making this day possible and unique with your lovely presence.

At the end of our day together, I always ask the participants to leave a testimonial if they wish, as well as to fill in a short survey about the experience they just had. In this way you help me immensely in serving you better, by keeping refining the content and the delivery of my programs to you, as well as developing new content that you as participants express a desire and a need for.

No matter our specific roles at any given time, we are in this together!

I thank you so much in advance for your time and attention given.

count us in and give us the details! when, where and how much?

time schedule

9.30am Registration and Morning Tea

10.00am Program Start

10.00am – 1.00pm Morning Sessions

1.10pm – 2.00pm Lunch

2.00pm – 5.00pm Afternoon Sessions and Program Wrap Up


MICA GRANGE, 373 Faraday/Sutton Grange Rd, Sutton Grange, VIC 3448

{ For directions, please scroll below or go to “Getting There” in the menu }

what to wear

Please, wear comfortable clothes on the day to allow for comfortable and easy movement and which you don’t mind get paint on!

no experience necessary…

to participate in the program.

You got it all within!

what’s included in the day

Just bring your beautiful self, and your favourite journal / notebook.

the open space program includes:

  • 4 one of a kind immersive sessions of self-discovery and creative expression of your woman and beyond, in a variety of media including colours, clay, movement and word
  • all equipment and materials
  • lovely morning tea, delicious homemade lunch prepared with seasonal produce from the gardens
  • refreshments throughout the day including a bountiful choice of organic teas and bottled water

All within a beautifully presented studio, embraced by soul nourishing natural surroundings with spectacular views.

you will leave feeling more empowered and more confident in showing up in the world as the woman you are by learning through firsthand experience:

  • how to connect with and spark your innate creativity in a natural, feminine and delightful way by connecting to your body and your sensual pleasure
  • how you can easily direct and translate the accessed creative resources within you into whatever area you wish to use it for
  • the beauty, worth and power of the feminine aspects within you

you will take home what you create +

  • a precious practical tool to use as a compass in making choices and decisions that are aligned with your true desires and purpose
  • a unique designer’s gift signed by me, retail value $100, exclusive to participants of OPEN SPACE, with designs that can’t be found or purchased anywhere else – to inspire you to enjoy and live your woman even more.

more love for open space


“One of the greatest benefits for me was the present moment, and taking the time to actually do that, to have that day for myself.”

“I loved being with other women and exchanging our feelings, our stories.”

"I felt self-love from the beginning, just feeling myself, appreciating my own body and what it can do, in the moment, the realisation of our capabilities, what we even have the capacity to imagine. The safe space for all women was really nice.”

your investment

Let’s celebrate together!

I am so delighted to be offering you OPEN SPACE in a beautiful natural environment because I am aware of how nature enhances the beneficial processes used in the program.

So, to help you help me celebrate moving to our stunning location on the rolling hills of the beautiful Victorian country,  for a limited time I am offering OPEN SPACE for only $277 per person!

sales are final

OPEN SPACE is a boutique program that can only accommodate 10 women at a time. It requires a great amount of work and preparation ahead to be brought to life.

This is why the $277 payment is required in full, and no change-of-mind refunds are given.

Please, note that by registering to participate in the OPEN SPACE program, each participant in the group automatically agrees to all our Terms & Conditions.

about stella levak, creator and leader of OPEN SPACE

STELLA LEVAK is a creative, a teacher, and a lover of everything woman.

Her extensive professional and personal experience spanning over 20 years of work as a designer, teacher, workshops facilitator, writer, public speaker and artist, has seen her become an authority in the fields of design, creativity and education in her country of origin.

A firm believer that the only way to our true fulfillment, contribution and joy is to live who we are, Stella’s core gift and passion consists in creating processes and content that help connect people to their true self – their unique flavour of joy – which is where our true power and our infinite resources reside. Her programs are always fully experiential, multilayered and unfold in ways that feel completely natural and effortless. There is never a sense of ‘work’ involved – yet, so much is accomplished.

She is now offering her boutique program for women OPEN SPACE, set in a wonderful natural environment only a few kilometres from Castlemaine, Victoria.

getting there

From Melbourne

Travel along the Calder Freeway. 2 km beyond the Sutton Grange, Metcalfe/Castlemaine, Elphinstone turnoff is Pollards Road. Turn left into Pollards Rd then right on to the Old Calder Highway. Travel 4 km towards Harcourt and you come to Faraday/Sutton Grange Rd (aka Major Mitchell Trail). Mica Grange is 3.73 km on the left.

From Castlemaine

Travel through Chewton and turn left at Golden Point Rd. Turn left at the Old Calder Highway and then right into Faraday/Sutton Grange Rd (aka Major Mitchell Trail). Mica Grange is 3.73 km on the left.

From Bendigo

Turn off the Freeway at Harcourt. Travel 6 km to Faraday on the Old Calder Highway. Turn left into Faraday/Sutton Grange Rd (aka Major Mitchell Trail). Mica Grange is 3.73 km on the left.

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